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Wingfoil in Essaouira

Essaouira is a spot renowned for having wind all year round. You can either try kitesurf or wingfoil make the most of it ! This new board sport includes a wing, halfway between a kitesurfing wing and a windsurfing sail, a board, and possibly a foil.

The wing is held by hand, using a wishbone or straps depending on the model. There are different types of boards. To start, we will prefer to use a SUP board in order to find stability.

The boards are generally short and not very bulky. However, each board is adapted to a practice (speed, jumps, surfing, etc.) and to a size. The volume of the board must, as for a surf board, be consistent with the person's weight.

You are connected to the board by a leash.

Beginning Wingfoil

To be more familiar with sliding sensations, you can use a skateboard on the beach to see how the wing reacts to the wind.

Then you will go into the water, finding your stability on the board with the kite in hand. We will go upwind and you will take your first wingsurfing tacks!

Wingfoil gear

There are different wing sizes, from 2.5m2 to 7m2 to be used in different wind sizes and for different sizes.

The construction of the Duotone wings is similar to the Duotone kitesurfing wings for maximum strength.

On Duotone wings, a central wishbone allows for easy transitions.

Immediate sensations, even when you have no knowledge of sliding.